What can I do with historicalmapchart.net?

Change the world! Not really, but you can create a historical map chart for your school project, your business presentation, your next blog post or your social media account.

Is this free?

It is and will always be free. If this saved you a ton of hours and you want to buy me a coffee though, please consider making a small donation!


I found a mistake on a map!

Please know that producing accurate historical maps is pretty difficult, taking into account the limited resources available and of course, the fluid borders of countries, kingdoms, duchies, emirates, etc. for a specific era. This is a first attempt to make such a resource available for free so I need the help of the community to improve and make it as accurate as possible.

Nevertheless, if you found a mistake on the map, I would be happy to check it out and fix it accordingly. Just make sure that you include a link to the image or the source that can back up your claim, so I can easily consider it and make the change.

Are there modern maps available?

Of course, you can check the parent website: Map Chart.

How should I credit your site when publishing maps that I have created here?

You are allowed to use, edit and modify any map created with historicalmapchart.net for private or commercial use/publication freely by adding any kind of reference to mapchart.net in your work.

Some examples of an appropriate reference:

  • Keeping the Created with historicalmapchart.net tag that each map has embedded.
  • A simple link to the the front page or any other page of historicalmapchart.net .
  • A text attribution on the page or inside the article/publication where the map chart is used (as a caption, in the credits, etc).

More info here: Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

If the above examples do not cover you, don't hesitate to contact me for more details.

Who is behind this?

A single, self-taught web developer by the name of Minas. I am always available for working on other web-related projects, so contact me at contact@mapchart.net or by using the form on this page and we can work something out.

My map chart is not created / I found a bug!

Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer are not supported.

Please try creating your map chart in Chrome, Firefox or Safari first, as these are the best supported browsers. If you still face an issue, contact me and I will take a look at your issue immediately!

  • Maps edited and optimised with Inkscape.
  • Color palette based on www.ColorBrewer.org
  • Color picker based on Spectrum jQuery plugin.
  • All maps in Robinson projection.

Contact Me

Tell me about:

  • Awesome mapcharts you have created!
  • Ideas for new countries or regions to add.
  • Any feature recommendation.
  • Any bug or problem that you may encounter.
  • Any opportunity for cooperation between me and you.
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Please make sure that you first read the FAQ on this page. Contact me at contact@historicalmapchart.net or fill out the form below: