Answers on frequently asked questions about MapChart.

What can I do with Historical MapChart?

Change the world! Not really, but you can create a historical map for your school/uni project, your work presentation, your next blog post or your social media account.

Is this free?

All present and future maps, as well as the main map-making tools, are available for free. MapChart has been around since 2014 and thousands of users use it daily for free, without issues.

If you need more advanced tools, like your own account, the ability to save your maps and favorite colors to it, or removings all ads, you can try the MapChart Plus version.

I found a mistake on a map!

Please know that producing accurate historical maps is pretty difficult, taking into account the limited resources available and, of course, the fluid borders of countries, kingdoms, duchies, emirates, etc. for a specific era. This is a first attempt to make such a resource available for free, so I need the help of the community to improve and make it as accurate as possible.

So, if you found a mistake on the map, I would be happy to check it out and fix it accordingly. Just make sure that you include a link to the image or the source that can back up your claim, so I can easily consider it and make the change.

Are there modern maps available?

Of course, you can check the parent website: MapChart.

Do I need to credit your website when using maps I created here?

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (CC BY-SA 4.0).

In short:

You are allowed to use, edit and modify any map created with MapChart for private or commercial use/publication freely, by adding any kind of reference to MapChart in your work.

Some examples of an appropriate reference:

  • Keeping the Created with mapchart.net tag that generated maps have embedded.
  • A simple link to the front page or any other page of MapChart.
  • A text attribution on the page or inside the article/publication where the map is used (as a caption, in the credits, etc).

More info here: Creative Commons License

If the above don't cover your use case, please reach out for more details!

Who is behind this?

A single, self-taught, freelance web developer by the name of Minas. I am always available for working on other web or app projects, so get in touch and we can work something out.

I have years of experience in map-related projects, so if you are in need of a custom version of MapChart, an extension of its features, or a new special map, that you can use in your organization, feel free to reach out.

Do you accept donations?

If this saved you a ton of hours, please consider making a small donation:

Else, you could show your support by visiting the MapChart merchandise store, where you can find really cool map-related T-shirts, hoodies, mugs, and more!

Is there a mobile app for this?

Yes! Please use the official MapChart mobile app, available for iOS and Android for free.

Learn more here or get it from the store:

app store icon play store icon

My map is not created / I found a bug!

Please try creating your map in Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge first, as these are the best supported browsers (Internet Explorer would not work). If you still face an issue, contact me and I will take a look at it as soon as possible. A screenshot of the problem and/or your map's configuration file would be most helpful.


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  • Color picker based on Spectrum jQuery plugin.
  • All world maps in Robinson projection.
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